A dreadful journey

Talking to my best friend Sarah on phone call, I was thinking whether to agree with her or not. Her words were really convincing for me even when l said no. I was not allowed for this by my mom but still she insisted. I was spell bounded by her words. I was really stunned when I came to know about the exciting adventure and camping I agreed to go with her even when my mom strictly told me not to.

“It would be great adventure and l would return before my mom’s arrival.” I pondered while trying to clasp a bag kept on the top of my cupboard. The dirty black bag made me sneeze. l rubbed it with a damp black cloth thus giving it a tidy look. Pulling the door of my dark brown cupboard, I started searching for important items. Quickly getting a hold of my cell phone, I threw it in my bag but it toppled over and landed on the floor. Picking it up with a swoosh l shoved it inside.

Then I rushed towards the cupboard in search of a couple of clothes suitable for camping. “This would be better…” I talked to myself, as I took out a dark blue pair of denim pants and t~shirt. As decided we would go for three days only as I wanted to reach as soon as possible before mom’s arrival.

Promptly I kept a few more clothes in the bag. | dressed after the packing was completed. For assurance I rechecked if I have taken all the necessary paraphernalia. As Sarah told me that she would come with Jane and Laura to pick me up, so I was waiting for her to arrive. Meanwhile I packed up some food for the journey.

I was ready so I hung my bag on my shoulder pondering what would happen in the camp. In a flick of a second I heard the horn of Sarah‘s car. Stepping out, I looked the door of my house and ran to sit in the white land cruiser. Sara drove it herself. Chatting and laughing we were having a great journey.

Everything was exciting and enchanting until that strange happening. It was really unforeseen. The car stopped unexpectedly. “There might be some problem, I must check.” Sarah cried in a tense voice. She flung open the bonnet of the car to check what is wrong. At the same time a man came to us. I was In a state of confusion as I woke up, I could not remember anything. Sarah and Laura were sleeping too; I shook them to wake them up. They were bewildered too as they noticed the suspicion as I saw.

It was seen that all of our belongings were out of sight. It seemed as if someone had stolen them. We all became anxious. A chill ran down my spine. After noticing everything we soon figured out that we were hypnotized by that unknown man.”Sarah start the car quickly, we have to rush towards home. lt‘s not safe!” I excaimed.

That journey was a great failure for me and it is still remorseful for me. I never did anything without mom’s permission and decided not to tell her. I learned an important lesson from this mistake that never to trust strangers and never to go anywhere without permission.


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