​6 artistic works to create in free time.

These are some examples of artworks that anyone can practice and learn in their free time. It can then be a source of earning as well as a source of enjoyment. 1. Zentangles This type of art is associated with doodling and pattern making. It is best for those who like to doodle in their [...]

Reasons to spark your inner artist

Art is a renowned term amongst the beings on this planet. The literal meaning of Art is something that is created with imagination and skill or that expresses important ideas or feelings. Everyone possess some sort of artistic skills but a lot of them are oblivious of this fact. There are multitudinous aspects of life [...]

Secrets to making an effective study plan.

Nowadays, there are plethora of tasks to keep us busy. So, the need to make an effective study plan seems to be an obligation. It is to be noted that it doesn't matter if we put long hours of sitting and studying a book, if we don't stay focused or learn anything. Thus here quality [...]

An unanticipated victory 

"This is all that is provided to you, and your time starts now." Declared our mentor. The brown desks were filled with plethora of water colors, paint brushes and painting papers in front of each of the participant. I peeked at others work, who seemed to be quite sure about what they are going to [...]